Based in Ludhiana, Punjab, Avinash Institute is an esteemed IT educational institution whose primarily motive is to serve the students by teaching and guiding in various IT fields, especially related to web development sector like Programming, Designing, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, Business Development etc. Avinash Institute has become an information hub for students, professionals, aspirants to work on the skills and develop knowledge in relative fields. For instance, we teach new techniques and tools about programming and arrange Live workshops for learners to put their hands on Live projects so they can gain the needed confidence before enrolling to an esteemed company for the job.

The main aim of Avinash Institute is to empower the learners to overcome any hurdle that can halt any skilled person’s progress. We create learning ambience and guide the students to develop their skills by necessary modules and training methods. We strive towards filling the employability gap in the IT industry by preparing leaders of the future and seamlessly working hard to create better future for our students.

Facilities We Provide
6 weeks Summer Training Program
Six Months Industrial Training program
Modules for Digital Marketing (SMO, SEO, ORM and PPC)
Industry Ready Training for Programming (php,, java, android, ios, etc.)
Industry Ready Training for Designing
Global Live Projects
The IT maestros worry about the increasing employability gap in the industry. Moreover, there is a huge deficiency of skills workforce who can bridge the gap and contribute in companies in their operations.

We at Avinash Institute believe in teaching students to find a way to the top and develop their mind to think in a certain direction. No matter if you have a natural talent or are really good with Coding, Designing or Google Algorithms; without practice and necessary training you may find yourself in the midst of challenges. We act as the guide and train you to face those troubles by developing your skills to par.